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Why should you appoint embroidery digitizing?

You can save up on a lot if you outsource embroidery digitizing. Instead of hiring a full-time digitizer, we can provide solutions for all your digitizing needs. We provide you with extraordinary services, and choosing us will help you save a lot on your payroll. You can not look after all these services at home just to cut costs and save up on your money. A professional digitizer is always needed, no matter what. Without a professional, you can not experience the required quality and reliability. Our digitizing software is efficient and effective that assists our digitizers in quickly converting your artwork into the desired logo, image, or other designs. We manage all the intricate and challenging work with much confidence. Our team knows how to perform complex tasks such as small lettering, puff embroidery, etc. We have been able to gain the trust of several customers all around the globe due to our excellent services. Our turnaround time is as quick as 24 hours, and we make sure to sustain our remarkable track record.

What do we offer?

Our service includes the following procedures;


Embroidery Digitizing

Do Embroidery Digitizing is based in the UK. We have been providing the best digitizing artwork for both vector and embroidery conversions for many years now. Very fortunately, we have been able to gain the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. We have earned a noticeable position n the industry because of our determination and hard work. Our vectorization prices are also very reasonable and are the lowest in the marketplace.We never compromise on the quality of our work, due to which we have numerous satisfied clients who do not opt for anyone else.

Our team is comprised of the most professional embroidery digitizers who know how to precisely and accurately convert your artwork into vector art. We also digitize logos and photos, etc. During the whole procedure, we make sure not to compromise or temper the original artwork. We owe everything to our highly trained embroidery digitizers who use their innovative and creative abilities to produce the best. We generally offer digitized files in the DST format. Other than the DST format, we can also present them in EXP, EMB, DSZ, KSM, DSB, XXX, T05, T09, T04, T01, TAP, T03, EMT, SEW, HUS, JEF, PCS, PCD, PES, PEC, CSD, PCQ, and CND formats. This happens in case our clients communicate their specific needs while placing their orders.Whether you are looking for digitizing for embroidery, embroidery for puff, 3D effects, vector art conversion, or digitizing artwork for embroidery services, we have got you covered in everything.

Our primary focus is never to compromise on the quality of our results. We offer the cheapest rates to our valuable customers and provide them with the best vector conversion and digitized rates.

  • Get cheap vector art digitizing services here.
  • We do not take any extra setup charges for our services.
  • We offer the quickest turnaround time of 24 hours, and our clients are satisfied with this service of ours.
  • Now avail the opportunity to get free estimates by choosing us.
  • Our machine format conversion and moderate editing are free.

We excel in the conversion of intricate artwork, and we precisely handle the details. Also, we provide timely deliveries and very affordable rates. We use advanced technology with modern solutions so that our clients can stay ahead of all and stand out everywhere they go. We also specifically digitize images for embroidery. Our modern machines take care of even the minutest details of conversions and customizations. We ensure that not even a single penny of yours goes to waste.

Our turnaround time is as quick as 24 hours. Our team is very productive, which is why only we are able to offer such a short turnaround time. We finish all our tasks with perfect detailing within the above-mentioned time period. Due to our cheap rates and quick turnaround time, our clients find us the best digitizing company.

We provide left breast digitizing of your logo or any other design according to your requirements on shirts, t-shirts, jackets, etc. We use the latest machines and work in the shortest time possible, keeping in mind all the perfection. We deliver flawless digitized files with the help of up-to-date software and cheap rates, which make us the top digitizing company.

Whether it is a simple design, a corporate logo, or any other design, we specialize in left crest digitizing. We are considered experts by our clients in whatever we do. Our in-house digitizers work with all the zeal and zest to produce excellent results.

Left chest digitizing highlights your brand in the best way possible. If you are planning to design a uniform, or you want to represent your brand in a noticeable way, you should opt for left chest digitizing. If you are an emerging brand, restaurant, cafe, bakery, pharmacy, etc., you must choose it.

Pocket embroidery digitizing is one of the most elevating trends in small and large businesses. Our time consists of expert digitizers who have a sound understanding and vague experience in this field. They know how to digitize all sorts of logos and designs according to your specifications. Contact us now for more details and place an order right away!

People of all ages and genders love caps. Caps enhance your personality and add a finishing touch to your everyday attire. You have come to the only proper place if you are looking for error-free digitized files in the shortest time possible. We know of several ways to flawlessly digitize your caps as we have already delivered thousands of files. Place your order today! And experience the best services!

Are you looking for hat digitizing at cheap rates? If yes, then Do Embroidery Digitizing is all that you need. We provide hat digitizing services internationally as well. Hat digitizing can sometimes be challenging as it has to be handled responsibly, but we efficiently take care of the whole process.

Jackets have a lot of areas, which is why we love to show our skills on them. Jackets have ample space where we can exhibit our creativity. Get anything digitized on the back of your jacket and stand out from the rest. Although the materials of the jackets differ, and it might be tough to carry out the digitizing on such materials, we still handle it neatly.

Sleeve digitization has emerged as a growing trend in the industry recently. The business logos can get more appreciation if they are nicely digitized on the sleeve. Our digitizing embroidery on sleeves will surely grab everyone's attention with our highly affordable rates and unmatched quality.

Our company is highly experienced when it comes to digitizing embroidery. If you want to get your towel punch done effectively and efficiently, you have chosen the right place. Our team gives error-free files that are directly put up for production. Hotels, spas, clubs, etc., can get their logos digitized on the towels. This also enhances the brand image and gives a classy look.

Gloves increase your style statement and make you look ravishing. These days, the trend of glove digitizing is elevating. Any logo or design of your choice can be neatly punched on the glove and make it look appealing. Our team completely follows all your instructions and stick by it to manufacture the best embroidery digitizing.

Hotels, Spas, restaurants, cafes, salons, hospitals, and all such industries need napkins. The napkins can be made noticeable if they are neatly and beautifully digitized. Napkins are usually small in size, and the material of each napkin varies from the other, and it is not at all an easy task to neatly digitize the napkins. We have all the skills and expertise to give you the quality that you wish.

Beanies are considered as fabulous attire. Digitizing on beanies is a challenging process, as an expert who knows both about the software and the fabric can perfectly digitize. Digitized files have to be accurate; otherwise, the whole process goes to waste, and the desired result can not be seen. Choose us and get high-quality work in just 2-3 days.

Many digitizing experts who claim to know all the digitizing techniques have failed to do the perfect visor embroidery punch. Visor digitizing requires a lot of attention as the space is less, and the exact positioning of the design can be very tough. However, our skillful team is experienced enough and knows all the ways to carry out visor digitizing flawlessly.

Our company is a pioneer of digitizing. If you are looking for the ultimate 3D puff digitizing, then you have indeed chosen the best place. We use the latest technologies with advanced methods to give you the digitized files that are ready for production.

The team here knows how to converts your artwork, designs, and logos to machine-ready files in the most manageable way. We give time and consideration to each design and work on it manually because we believe in providing commendable quality only. Our team does not offer anything that we can not do ourselves.

Are you in search of a company that offers superb embroidery digitizing at cheap rates, and their quality is also exceptional? If the answer is to this question is yes, then you would be pleased to know as we can do all this for you. We can fulfill all your custom digitizing needs in the shortest time possible. We have successfully gained a lot of experience over all these years, and we can easily handle and manage any task that that is given to us. Get excellent custom digitizing services from us at affordable rates!

As beautiful as it sounds, applique digitizing adds grace and class to the fabric. The applique digesting services that we provide will give you the punched embroidery files to stitch the designs in the best way possible. We deliver in the shortest time you can think of.

It is said that monogram digitizing is hard to find these days, which is of very good quality. We do not agree with this because we have not received a single complaint regarding our letter/monogram/front embroidery digesting since all these years. By using advanced technology, we produce top-quality files to digitalize the embroidery. Our company does not go for shortcuts, and we keep a check and balance at every step to deliver error-free embroidery punches.

Badges look great on uniforms. Our team knows how to digitize the badge without making any mistakes perfectly. Our badge-digitizing services are highly commendable and award-winning too. Our things are always considered best and not even second best because we never send out something that has an error. We have no hidden charges, and we are a company of highly experienced professionals. Please give us an order today to experience something unique.

This digitizing is usually done on shirts, t-shirts, dresses, or any other attire. Our principal focus is to ensure that the apparel looks eye-catching and unique. We would advise you to get your embroidery digitizing done by experts and professionals only because one mistake can ruin the whole thing. Our team is comprised of professionals only that give you top-quality punch files for your patterns.


Our friendly Support team is always here to help you. Begin by selecting a topic we can help you with.

Why is vector art the best option for you?

Firstly, you need to understand is that what is actually vector art. When specific points form lines and shapes, combined together are known as vector art. An artwork is created using this principle. It is basically a graphic image that does not lose its quality and finishing if resized. Do Embroidery Digitizing is a company that provides nothing but the absolute best. We render vector art services as no other company does. Also, our vector conversion services are very affordable. Our prices are hard to find. Once you choose us, you will get to know that we work efficiently, effectively and are also pocket-friendly. Our cheap vector art services are usually unbelievable for the customers. Vector art pricing has increased, but we offer superior quality at affordable rates.
Our team always considers the quality of the product more than anything else. This is because we know that it is the quality that matters more than anything to our customers at the end of the day. Top-notch quality drives us to meet the expectations of our customers. Another appreciable thing about Do Embroidery Digitizing is that we provide free vector services. You can get a free quote from us today. We understand your business needs and make the process inexpensive, efficient, and less hectic for you. It is our hard work and determination that makes our vector art services a finer graphical representation.

Vector Art

You always have to pay some price. You would be glad to know that our vector art services are reasonable and start at very low prices. Get your artwork, logos, and graphics are done from us today! Some businesses claim that they probably are not worth it if services are being provided at a cheap rate. However, it is not true. If you do not believe in all this, then give us a chance so that we can prove that it is possible. We also provide you with a free quote. So what are you waiting for? Get your quote today and experience the best. We offer services that you will not be able to avail anywhere else. We first design your vector art and give you free edits as well. Can't believe it? But you have heard it right. We do provide free revisions of your vector art until and unless you are not entirely satisfied. Our edits are free, and also our services are very quick. We understand the urgency of our clients, and we will never disappoint our clients. We complete all our tasks rapidly and provide them edits quickly. As our turnaround time is very quick, you can place all your orders today and receive them in just 24 hours!

These days logos are necessary, especially if you are promoting your business. If your company does not have an appropriate logo, then your work will not be recognized. For promotional purposes, you need to have a noticeable logo. We perfectly convert the same image to design the logo without compromising the quality of the image. Here is when the raster to vector conversion is used. At Do Embroidery Digitizing, our team knows how to solve the most complex things with patience and intelligence. We can convert the most challenging raster images to vector images, hence improving the quality. We have all the knowledge to instantly convert files like JPEG, bitmap, GIF, and other raster files into vector graphics. Our competent team knows how to handle all such challenges diligently.If you want the best raster images conversion into vector images, that too at a low price, your search ends at Do Embroidery Digitizing. We are here to make your work easier for you. Vector art is the best option for you if you want to get premium quality. The use of vector art is also elevating in every industry. from brochures, garments, towels, stationery to mugs, billboards, pamphlets, catalogs, etc., Vector art is rising and is being used for advertising purposes. Almost every graphic design consists of vectorizing. We can sense the importance of vector by this that before any artwork is imprinted, it is required in the vectorized format first. Everything requires a vectorized format, and perfect imprinting can not be done without it.

Vector art has a very strong and significant role in the market and brand of a business. Vector art looks highly premium, which intensifies its use. Other than that, vector art is scalable, which acts as a plus point. Vector art scalability means that this artwork can be easily modified. It can be resized, altered in any way that you would want to. The best part is that all the modifications are carried out without distorting the quality of the image. However, every image is not intrinsically vector, and this is where our raster to vector art services becomes of help. Get access to our amazing services and contact us now to get a free quote. Upon choosing us, you will be able to witness premium services that are efficient and very reasonable.

Raster is basically an image that is comprised of tiny square or rectangular elements. These elements are called pixels. The pixels combine together to make an image detail, and they all collectively form the raster. Rasters are not poor in quality, and sometimes they serve a better purpose than vectors. However, when it comes to promotional material and branding material, there is nothing else like vectors. This is why vector conversion is required. For branding and promotional material, vector art services prove to be very useful. If an image is on a bitmap or a raster format such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, or PDF, then it can not be modified in the desired way. Such formats can not be used for promotional material. In this format, pixels lose their quality and get distorted. This will also diminish the quality of graphic art. If the images are not converted, they give a distorted look and low quality, which deteriorates the look of your promotional images. Therefore, using these images as promotional material does not give a nice impression.

It is a process in which we convert a raster image into a computer graphic image. You would not believe it, but these images can be used in large and small sizes as well. The advertisement industry is nothing without good vectorizing designers. These designers are needed to convert the image to the desired size to fulfill the requirements of the customers. We have always worked with utmost zeal and zest so that we can provide nothing but the best.

We provide such vector services that make every challenging conversion very easy. You would not be able to find services like ours anywhere else. We know how to convert a complex raster into a vectorized format like EPS, CDR, or AI. This format can be utilized to print shirts, t-shirts, caps, dresses, signboards, apparel, or any other promotional material. The way we carry out the conversion does not damage the fabric in any way, and the purity of the fabric remains intact. Our team knows how to resize the art perfectly without compromising the quality of the work. You can now easily replicate your desired logos, designs, and other artworks on almost everything by choosing us. We are aware that this is fantastic, but before you choose to proceed further, there is one thing that you must know. Not every vector produced is the same as the other. The excellence of any work depends on the designer and the services that he is providing. As with any other skill, there are rookies, trained, and then specialists.

Do Embroidery Digitizing is known for its vectorization department for a couple of years now. Since then, we have done a lot of research and have got a significant number of valuable insights that have proven to be rewarding for our clients. Now we can proudly say that we have got the best team of graphic designers in the US. Our exceptional services have helped us to earn appreciation from our customers. If you have a limited budget and want the best results, feel free to get a quote now!

We as a company, fully one our work. We understand the needs of our clients and prioritize them before anything else. We honour our clients and are determined to give them our best. We can also work again on our provided vector images if any edits are needed. Our rework is free of cost. The gratification of our customers is everything for us.

We are using the top software to carry out our vector art services. Adobe and Corel Draw are the finest software for this purpose. YThese sofwatres are advanced and regularly updated, which is why vector art is done neatly on these. Our teams use the best computers and updated software to carry out these services.

Image is converted to vector art to enhance the quality of the image. Vector artwork can be resized in any shape and size as it is scalable. Raster images are constructed out of pixels, and they have very little quality of the image. Raster images, if scaled, get out of their original size, and they pixelate. Raster images can not be used for advertising or promotional purposes, which is why it is necessary to convert the raster images to vector art.

The conversion of rastor image to vector art is actually the recreation of vector image. It is not possible to vectorize any image by just uploading an image in specific software. It is not an automatic process. It has to be carried out manually, step by step. Every element has to be traced by hand first. Our graphic designers are the reasons that we have become successful and are able to gain the trust of ll our clients.

Do Embroidery Digitizing is the number one place for all your digitizing and vector needs.

The question arises that if there are several other options for digitizing and vector art services, then why would you only choose us? We are giving you the following reasons to choose us;

  • We offer 24 hours turnaround time which you know is hard to find anywhere else. If someone is getting supreme quality at a very short time, then they would vouch for it.
  • If you want anything done relating to embroidery, screen printing, or you need any digitizing or vector conversion service, then we have got you covered. People keep on coming back to us, and they only recommend us because of our quality, prices, and efficient nature. Suppose you are getting an amazing product that is entirely flawless and cost-efficient, then why would you opt for anywhere else. Businesses have to look for many other things and are pretty occupied already so they can just leave this problem to us.
  • Our turnaround time is 24 hours, which is already wonderful, but if due to some reasons you need to get your work done before that, you can tell us freely. The best thing about us is that we are very flexible, and we are always ready to walk the extra mile for our clients. If you want to get your work done urgently, we will also do that for you. We can complete the task in 2-12 hours as well without compromising the quality. In case of further details, information, or query, you can also contact our customer care department at any time, and they will further guide you.
  • Our company is a very flexible company to work with. Our payment methods are also very feasible, and we adjust them according to the customer's ease. The customer can pay any way they want to. However, we accept payments through credit cards, Paypal, debit cards, and wire transfers.
  • The technical department at Do Embroidery Digitizing is always geared up and ready for every challenge they might face. Our team knows how to meet all the modern technological alterations. We are using all the modern tools for our embroidery digitizing and other vector art conversion services.·We handle diverse embroidery machine formats and vector art formats of every kind.
  • Our creative artists draw all the vector images by hand. These images are very high in quality so that the client does not have to face any problems. We can also convert your raster images into high-quality vector images with our exceptional skills. We can also create custom vector illustrations as per your needs. We can illustrate everything that you want us to, whether it is for your marketing scheme. It can also be a cartoon or a fashion illustration. We can also transform your company logo into a vector format enabling you to utilize the logo for screen printing, digital printing, company stationery, or other promotional requirements.
  • When you are getting so much at such a lower price, then what are you waiting for? You must get a free quote from us right away! We can not wait to get on board with you and start this journey filled with amazing experiences.
  • Everything is in your hands now. You can contact us anytime you want to. A customer's satisfaction is our primary goal. We give you the opportunity to revamp your company's image and get the best out of it. We are the best digitizing company in the industry right now, and you can choose us to get the best services that no one else can offer you.

About Us:

Do Embroidery Digitizing is the Number one place for all your vector conversion and embroidery digitizing needs. Once you choose us for your requirements, you will get to know that our rates are cheap and affordable. Our award-winning quality digitizing services guarantee intensified details. Our team ensures that there is less thread breakage so that we produce sharper designs. We do not waste extra material because we do not want to waste a single penny of our clients. Our production is accurate, and we complete all our tasks on time. We work fast so that our clients meet deadlines. Our quality of work and efficient production are what make our clients satisfied. This satisfaction has helped us gained more clients and even more admiration. Our team is proud of our in-house team of specialists. Our machinery is updated every now and then, and we have an entirely equipped workstation. We are providing a turnaround time of twenty-four hours, which is not a promise but has become our everyday working routine. Our turnaround time is what makes clients love us and choose us every single time for all their needs!

Do Embroidery Digitizing has been in this field for a long time now. Our vector conversion and embroidery digitizing services are incredibly renowned all over the country. Not only our quality but also our price is beyond the expectations of everyone out there. No one out there is offering such quality and cost in the industry. This makes us stand out and provides you with an excellent value for money and turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. You would not believe it, but our starting prices for vector conversion and embroidery digitizing are incredibly low-cost. We would never do anything to dissatisfy our clients, which is why quality and discipline are the hallmarks of our digitizing and vector conversion services. To make all your dreams come true and to build the best, our highly skilled team puts in all the effort and energy and creates magic. Our team is multi-talented and is comprised of the most talented embroidery digitizers, designers, IT personnel, and artists. The diversity of our team depicts that we have the best staff for all the digitizing and vector conversion needs. Our final copy also exhibits this multifariousness and shines in our client's fabric. The client is able to view the effort that we make on each and every article with our exceptional services. Also, we are proud to tell you that we have become the most favorited and opted-for digitizing and vector conversion services provider. Our company's expertise comprises embroidery digitizing of small letters, complex designs, layered thread patterns. Not just this, but we also offer three-dimensional effects and puff embroidery.

Vector conversion requires a particular place in the account of our services. Our vector conversion services are also carried out professionally by us. We know how to neatly and flawlessly convert complex bitmap artwork into a vector. After we are done with our work, it's all set to impress and overpower our clients with eminent results.

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